Baby Shower Gift Ideas

by Amy Smith
Baby Shower Gifts

So you have been invited to your first baby shower party! But what kind of gift do you get for the mum-to-be? Over the past 10 years baby shower parties have become more and more popular in the UK.  It can be difficult to buy a baby shower gift on the high street, however help is at hand!  At Gifts for Baby, we are a well known online personalised gifts shop which sells a fantastic range of baby shower gifts. We have listed below our top five baby shower gift ideas which would all make brilliant gifts for the expectant mum! All the items below have received fantastic feedback from our customers so you can be assured of their quality and value for money.

1) Baby Shower Nappy Cake

Our popular Baby Shower 2 tier nappy cake is made up using 19 Huggies/Pampers Size three nappies, a soft fleece, muslim cloth, two bodysuits (0-3 months), a pair of socks, baby booties, a bib and ingredients tag.  The nappy cake is topped off with a super soft Disney toy.  You can also add a gift tag which can be personalised!  Also included is a reusable 9″ cake board.  The nappy cake is gift wrapped with ribbon and cellophane.

Nappy Cake

Baby Nappy Cake - Disney 2 Tier

2) Baby Scan Photo Frame

An excellent baby shower gift idea would be our Baby Scan Photo Frame.  This Personalised Photo Frame is large enough for a 7×5 photo and can be personalised with the baby’s name and the date of the scan.

Baby Scan Photo Frame

Baby Scan Photo Frame Personalised

This Baby Scan Frame is available in a variety of different colours and designs.  Quick delivery is available for this item and is available for only £12.99 plus postage.



3) Baby Shower Baby Sock and Clothes Bouquet

Another popular baby shower gift is our Baby Shower bouquet. At only £10.99 this gorgeous item for a baby boy or baby girl.  Contents of the bouquet include three pairs of socks which are colour co-ordinated and suitable up to 12 months.  Also a bib, scratch mitts and wash cloths are included.  These items are beautifully displayed in a baby shower bouquet available in blue tones for a boy or pink tones for a girl.

Baby Shower Clothes Bouquet

Baby Shower Clothes Bouquet







4) Baby Shower Boxed Cupcake Gift Set

Baby Shower Cupcake Box Set

Baby Shower Cupcake Box Set

This lovely baby shower gift is presented in a beautiful cupcake box and includes two baby bodysuits, two baby bibs, two pairs of socks and wash cloths.  Available in a variety of colours.  You can also include a personalised gift tag for no extra cost!



5) Baby Shower Personalised Photo Frame

And finally, a perfect baby shower gift for the mum to be would be our personalised baby shower photo frame.  This item would make a beautiful keepsake to remember the baby shower party!  This personalised photo frame is able to fit a 7×5 photo and is available in a choice of colours and designs.  This item is handmade and handcrafted and can be personalised.

So there you have it, five of our most popular products at Gifts for Baby!  We hope that we have inspired you and given you some great ideas for your forthcoming baby shower party.  Please visit our site by clicking the image below to see our full range of personalised baby gifts.  Feel free to check out our review page to see comments from our happy customers!


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Nappy Cakes, an ideal gift for a Baby Shower Party

Gifts for Baby provide a quality selection of Nappy Cakes that are ideal for any Baby Shower party.  Baby Shower parties are becoming an increasingly popular activity for expectant mums in the UK.  Baby shower gifts are becoming a popular seller with us.  One of our most best sellers are Nappy cakes, if you are not sure what a nappy cake is, well  they consist of essential items that are required for a new born baby such as nappies (of course!), baby blankets, clothing, baby socks even cutlery sets!  Nappy cakes are a perfect baby shower gift as they include so many items in one present.  Most nappy cakes range from one to three tiers and come in different colours and designs.  Gifts for Baby also provide a selection of nappy cakes that come with a soft toy.

A selection of our Nappy Cakes within our Baby Shower gift range include:

Baby Shower 1 tier nappy cake – £24.99

1 tier nappy cake

One Tier Nappy Cake











This great value for money nappy cake comes with the following ingredients:


10 disposable nappies, one muslin square, three baby body suits, a selection of baby socks and wash cloths, spoon and fork set and cuddly topper.  The nappy cake is wrapped in cellophane with a lovely bow.  Visit our site for more details.


Another of our popular nappy cakes is the Baby Shower Disney 2 tier nappy cake at £28.99 .

Disney two tier nappy cake

Disney two tier nappy cake


This nappy cake comes with a popular disney toy such as tigger or winnie the pooh.  The Nappy Cake ingredients include approximately 19 huggies nappies, 1 disney toy,  1 soft fleece, 1 muslin cloth, 2 disney bodysuits, 1 set of baby booties, 1 pair of socks, 1 bib, 1 ingredients tag and 1 gift tag that can be personalised. This nappy cake represents incredible value for money.  Visit our shop for more details.


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Recent feedback from our customers:

” Hello

Today we recieved our Nappy cake by recorded delivery this was faster
than we thought it would get to us. Then on opening the box to check
its contents we were blown away by the incredible gift which you have
created so from both my wife and myself we would like to thankyou whole
heartedly for your excellent service and we will be back to buy another
in the next few months you are going to make us top of the friends
lists with our expecting couples friends. “   Neil and Tracey – Warwickshire Aug 2011

Please visit our site to see our other nappy cakes and baby shower gifts.


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Baby Shower Gifts and Greeting Cards.

Gifts for Baby are pleased to introduce our new range of baby shower gifts.  Our gifts include many items such as baby shower 1 tier nappy cake, 2 tier nappy cake and 3 tier nappy cakes. Nappy cakes are a very popular baby shower gift and with our range you can choose the colour choice to suit your needs. We also have baby cupcakes boxed gift set, which comes in a gorgeous little box with various adorable items inside. Our mini nappy cake with keepsake box is totally gorgeous and is sure to put a smile on Mum’s face.

Our baby shower gifts are not only adorable gifts for baby but also great gifts for Mum also. Baby showers are becoming increasingly popular within the UK and it is hard to find top quality baby shower gifts, therefore have done a great deal of research into making our baby shower product selection.

If you are planning a baby shower celebration then why not purchase our Baby Feet Wine Glass Charms, they are priced at £4.49 for a set of 6. These are just adorable and come in a choice of colours, would be perfect for adding that finishing touch to a baby shower celebration.

To compliment our baby shower gifts we also have  a personalised baby shower greetings card that you can have personalised with your choice of name. These are just adorable and will show the recipient just how much thought has gone into making your purchase.

Our baby shower clothes bouqets are also very popular and come with gorgeous baby clothes inside. All of our baby shower products are handmade and great care and attention has gone into making them for our customers.

You are sure to stand out from the crowd with these items and are sure to find something to suit your individual needs. If Mummy is expecting a surprise we have plenty of gifts in neutral colour that will be just perfect.

Gifts for Baby pride ourselves on our excellent products and customer service so please visit our shop and have a look at our product selection, whatever the occasion we are sure that you will find a product that you adore.

2 Tier Nappy Cake (available in various colours)

2 Tier Nappy Cake (available in various colours)












3 Tier Nappy Cake (available in various colours)

3 Tier Nappy Cake (available in various colours)












Mini Nappy Cake with Keepsake Box (available in various colours)

Mini Nappy Cake with Keepsake Box (available in various colours)













Gifts for Baby

Gifts for baby








Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Baby showers are becoming increasingly popular in the UK, and are often arranged by friends or family or the mother to be herself. realise that unique baby shower gifts are hard to find. We have many baby shower ideas that you could purchase as a gift, these also come in neutral colours for the Mummy that is expecting a surprise. We have the Baby Shower Sock Rose Bud which is priced at £9.99 and comes presented in a gift box, we also have a Baby Shower Sock Bouquet which comes in a cream presentation flower pail and is priced at £10.99.

The Baby Shower Clothes Bouquet – Mini contains one cotton baby bib and three pairs of cotton baby socks, and is presented in a flower pail and come in either Pink, Blue or Yellow. These are priced at £12.99. Very similar to the mini version we have Baby Shower Clothes Bouquet – Medium that comes in a spotty flower pail and contains  two baby vests and five pairs of cotton baby socks, and is priced at £21.99.

We have a Baby Shower Clothes Basket – Large that contains a full set of 100% cotton basic baby clothes, such as one babygrow, one vest, one hat, one bib, one pair of scratch mitts, one muslin and two pairs of baby socks. This is the ultimate baby shower gift and is priced at a reasonable £29.99.

Baby Showers are definetely a time to celebrate with family and close friends, so what better way than purchasing a gorgeous baby shower gift through , you are sure to love them just as much as we do, and we are also confident that the Mummy to be herself will adore your chosen gift.

Baby Shower Sock Rose Bud

Baby Shower Sock Bouquet

Baby Shower Clothes Bouquet - Medium

Baby Shower Ideas – Perfect for a Baby Shower Party

Yummy Mummy Pamper Box Baby Shower Ideas

Baby Shower Ideas

Going to a Baby Shower Party or do you have a work colleague shortly going onto maternity leave and stuck for Baby Shower Ideas or gifts? is an online store that offers superb value for money baby gifts and have a great range of Baby Shower Ideas that would make brilliant gifts for any Mum-to-Be.

For example we offer the very popular “Yummy Mummy Pamper Box“. This lovely set contains Two cotton facecloths, Scented Candle, two pairs of ladies socks, citrus body wash, luxury body puff, bath bomb and scented bath rose petals.  Placed in a decorated bakery box finished with lavish ribbons and hand crafted tags.  The items are handmade and unique.

Another popular item is the Personalised Baby Boy Cup Cake set.  This item is a great Baby Shower Idea for a little newborn boy.  The set is personalised and hand decorated in a bakery cake box containing four scrumptious cupcakes in silicon cake cases.  The ingredients for these adorable cupcakes are a selection of baby vests (0-3 months), baby socks and a soft facecloth.  When ordering just confirm your chosen name for personalisation!

Personalised Cup Cake

Another great Baby Shower Idea available at is the Great Expectations Box.

This gorgeous set includes a mixture of six bibs, six funky vests, baby facecloth and a pair of baby socks – representing excellent value for money!

Each cupcake held in a silicon cupcake lining and topped with a handcrafted decorated flower.  Placed in a decorated white bakery box and finished with lavished ribbons and handmade gift tags.  This Baby Shower Gift can be made in pink, blue or neutral.  Just advise us of the colour when purchasing your item!   Another great Baby Shower Idea or newborn baby gift!

Why not check out our Love Baby Bunting Box also?  This is an adorable Baby Shower Gift which contacts two bibs, two vests, two pairs of socks and one facecloth.  Each cupcake is held in a silicon re-usable cup cake lining.  Placed in a decorated white bakery box and finished with lovely ribbons and handmade gifts tags.  As with some of the other Baby Shower Ideas above this set can be made in pink, blue or neutral colours.  An ideal Baby Newborn Gift!

Love Baby Bunting Box

If you are looking for something a little different, then why not have a look at our Personalised Baby Canvas prints, Personalised Pebbles, Baby Jewellery and more great items!

Baby Shower Gifts, lovely gifts for both Baby and Yummy Mummy’s.

Personalised Box with gorgeous Baby Girl Cupcakes have a wide range of ‘Baby Shower’ gifts. The Personalised boxes that features a Boy or Girl’s name are proving to be very popular. These particular boxes contain 4 scrumptious cupcakes in silicon cake cases. The ingredients for these adorable cupcakes are a selection of baby vests (0-3 months, baby sock, baby bibs and soft facecloths. All come topped with handmade crocheted cherries. All boxes come with a free personalised message on our handmade gift tags. The Personalised Baby Boy Cup Cakes contain the same and have your chosen name in a baby blue colour, they are totally gorgeous. Don’t forget the Yummy Mummy as we also have a lovely Yummy Mummy Pamper Box which contain four cupcakes which comprise of two cotton facecloths, sented candle, two pars of ladies socks, citrus body wash, luxury body puff, bath bomb and sented bath rose petals. Finished with lavish ribbons and hand crafted tags. The Baby Girl Wreath is truly stunning and would make a fantastic baby shower or newborn gift, this would look lovely in a nursery.