Baby Name Ideas

Baby Name Ideas at Gifts for Baby
Baby Name Ideas at Gifts for Baby

Baby Name Ideas at Gifts for Baby

Stuck for Baby Name Ideas? We know from experience how difficult this can be! Do you go for a family name, religious or just popularity?   To assist you , Gifts for Baby have researched the most popular baby names of 2012 together with names provided by customers.  Starting with Baby Boy Names, please see below the most popular names together with a brief description of their meanings.

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Top 10 baby boy names as of 2012:


Taken from the Old Testament.  Holder of the heel, the son of Isaac and rebecca.


From the hebrew word meaning “Eternal”


Hebrew meaning “Who is like God”


A biblical name meaning “to increase”

Baby Name Picture - Joseph
Baby Name Picture personalised with the name “Joseph”


Taken from the German word “Will” and “Helm” which mean Will and Protection.


From the Greek meaning “Defender of Men”.


Biblical name meaning Comfort or Rest.


Hebrew name that means “God is my judge”


A Celtic name meaning “Origin of Fire”.


An English name meaning “Priceless”. An english version of the Roman name “Antonius”

Top 10 Baby Girl Names


Taken from the Latin name for Olive.


Taken from the name for the precious stone.


The name of the flower, a symbol of purity.


A name from Greek origin meaning “Wisdom”


Derived from the Latin name “Amelius” meaning “Rival”.


Taken from the Greek meaning “Green Shoot”


A biblical name meaning “Charm”


Biblical name meaning “God beholds”


Greek meaning of name ” Good News”


Bella meaning “Beautiful” derived from the biblical name “Isabel”  – “God is Perfection”.

Isalbella - Made with Love
Baby Name Picture – Isabella Made with Love

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